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Keyring Reading Glasses
Keychain Reading Glasses

Keychain Reading Glasses

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Mini nose clip-on keychain reading glasses. Portable and convenient; never forget your reading glasses again. Can be held up to quickly to scan a menu or clipped on to the bridge of the nose if using for longer periods of time.

  • Unisex, lightweight, plastic frame.
  • Simple and comfortable.
  • Colour: black.
  • Strength: +1.00,+1.50, +2.00.
  • Approx lens dimensions - W: 45mm, H: 25mm.


  • 1x Reading Glasses.
  • 1x Storage Case with Keychain.
  • Free Postage.

CAUTION: Off the shelf reading glasses are not suitable for everyone. They are designed for people with no or minimal distance correction or to be worn over contact lenses. These items are designed for convenience and to be used on-the-go. You should always consult your own eye care provider if you are unsure of suitability or strength required. Regular eye tests are necessary even when sourcing own glasses.